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  • The expectations of manhood

    will test him more than we ever could
At FCDS, we contemplate the future pressures of adulthood, which is why our comprehensive education is specifically focused on how boys develop K-9. Our academic program is systematically designed to build a strong foundation for the years ahead, and flexible enough to break from tradition when the moment demands it.

The program is complemented by a rich and vibrant arts and athletics curriculum. At FCDS, it’s cool to sing, ring in the handbell choir, paint ceramics, and perform on stage. Sports round out our typical school day with age-appropriate physical education in Grade K-3, intramural sports in Grades 4 and 5, and interscholastic team competition within the Fairchester Athletic Association in Grades 6-9. Our tight-knit student body possesses a unique blend of diverse talents and energies where every boy is known, celebrated and ready to Meet the Moment.

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  • A 360° Education

    Fairfield Country Day School educators are specialists who advance the art and science of an all-boy education that challenges each boy to reach his full potential. Small classroom settings and a boy-specific curriculum increases student engagement and escalates overall academic performance. Steeped in the tradition of liberal arts, FCDS is committed to teaching effective communication skills; writing, reading, and public speaking, across the academic program. In our ongoing efforts to successfully prepare our graduates for the 21st Century, we have identified ten Core Competencies that are currently benchmarked and measured from Kindergarten to ninth grade. These competencies are introduced and reinforced in each facet of our program; academics, the arts, and athletics. The ten Competencies include: scholarship, resiliency, stewardship, leadership, digital citizenship, empathy, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication.
  • Relational Learning

    Our small class size (a benefit of private vs. public schools) and emphasis on community allows our teachers to form lasting and meaningful relationships with our students that instill a desire for success and a lifetime love of learning. The connections between boys and their teachers that inspire boys to perform in school is central to the mission of FCDS. Our success is, in large part, due to our model of expecting teachers to teach, coach a sport (often more than one athletic season), serve as an advisor, lead a lunch table (sit down, family-style lunch daily), and supervise numerous extracurricular activities.
  • Technology Driven

    In 1996, FCDS was selected by Toshiba/Microsoft as one of twenty schools nationwide to launch a 1:1 student laptop program. Today, FCDS remains at the forefront of educational technology. Throughout the grades, our current multi-platform approach introduces Apple iPads, PC-based Lenovo laptops, and a combination of Macbooks and Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The Learning Commons includes state-of-the-art digital video editing equipment, a digital audio recording studio, and a distance learning lab to facilitate global communication. Technology bolsters our curriculum across all grade levels and disciplines by creating a dynamic educational experience that matches the energetic, high-tech learning style of our boys.
  • Academic Support

    FCDS recognizes and appreciates the range of learning styles within our student body. Our teachers apply personalized education, differentiated lesson plans and methods of assessments to insure effective engagement with every boy. Our team of learning specialists works with small groups to provide additional academic scaffolding and skill reinforcement as needed.

Jon Lord - Dean of Student Life

As the only K-9 boys school in Connecticut, FCDS is our region’s leader in engaging and relating to boys––every boy is known and cared for. Our program is boy-friendly: active, real-world, creative, structured, and rich in social-emotional learning. At FCDS, boys gain self-understanding, develop a strong sense of belonging, and find their voice.

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