Fairfield Country Day School has named its philanthropic honor society (The Bronson Society) after The Bronson Family, who did so much for the Greenfield Hill community.
In bestowing the annual Bronson Society Award, the school wishes to honor and thank individuals whose contributions have shaped our School in significant and lasting ways.

The Bronson family, whose estate has been home to FCDS for 68 years, were benevolent and involved members of the community. The Bronson name has been a part of Greenfield Hill for more than 200 years and is a rich part of our school history.

Every fall, the Head of School and Trustees of Fairfield Country Day School recognize a member of our community — who through their dedication and support — embody the spirit of the Bronson family and FCDS and present them with the Bronson Award.

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  • Bronson Award Recipients

    Annie Zimmerli-Haskel and Jim Haskel 2019
    Missy and Kevin Harmon 2018
    Pam and Mark Beaudoin 2017
    Sheila Clancy 2016
    Gerry Pearce, Jr ’84 2015
    Gerry Pearce, Sr ’60 2015
    Finley and Patrick Shaw 2014
    Cindy and Robert Citrone 2013
    France and Alan Offenberg 2013
    Virginia Cargill 2012
    Mary and Frode Foss Skiftesvik 2011
    Megan and Larry Foley 2010
    Susan and John Akers 2009
    Bailey and Jim Haas 2008
    Dorothy and John Payne ’55 2007
    Mary and Kevin Cunningham 2006
    Patti and Tom Keegan 2005
    Barbara and Gary Johnson 2005
    Anny and David Ward 2004
    Lauri and Michael Friedland 2004
    Fleur and Bill Rueckert 2003
    Witney and Jim Vose ’67 2002
    Betsy and John Perkin 2001
    Jeanne and David Rosow 2000
    Fran and Worthingston Johnson 2000

List of 1 items.

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