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    Why a School for Boys?
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The Art and Science of Active Minds

FCDS has been advancing the art and science of an all-boys education in Fairfield, CT since the day the school opened in 1936. Our educators are skilled in the practice of teaching boys, and fully engage them with a balanced curriculum of academics, arts, music and athletics. Our academic program teaches boys to communicate effectively, problem solve, and lead. Our structured-yet-flexible classes and schedules allow boys to move as part of the daily educational experience – around the room, around the building, and the campus. We methodically design our programs and environment to fortify the way young boys grow—one of the many benefits of a private, all-boys school.

Relation-Based Learning

Relational learning refers to the social, emotional, and academic connections between boys and their teachers that drive boys to want to succeed in school, and later on in life. At FCDS, there are countless examples of these gestures every day. In a recent study, The Primacy of Relationship in Boys’ Learning, by Richard Hawley and Michael Reichert, there is a vast pool of relevant data from teachers and students at boys’ schools across the globe that demonstrate the impact of relationships in a boy’s education. The intrinsic value gained by teachers really knowing their students not only bolsters their skills as effective teachers, but defines pedagogy at FCDS. Building relationships is central in our mission of educating boys to Meet the Moment.

Peg Tyre, author of The Trouble with Boys : A Surprising Report Card on Our Sons, Their Problems at School, and What Parents and Educators Must Do

FCDS was vital to my development, both as a person and as a scientist. The small classes allowed me to develop close, personal relationships with my teachers that ultimately provided numerous opportunities to continue my education outside of the classroom. My relationships with Mr. Runkel and Mr. Paige were particularly formative, as they helped me grow from a student who relied upon rote memorization to one capable of rationalization and abstract thought, an essential evolution in my scientific skill set. The intimacy provided by the small student body cultivated the development of a lifelong brotherhood and taught me the value of community. The education I received at FCDS, in and out of the classroom, allowed me to excel, both in my time as a student there as well as in all of my endeavors since.
-Charlie Millard ’15
                -College of the Holy Cross, Class of 2022
                Major: Biology; Biochemistry concentration