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  • The freedom to fail.

    The cool to own up to it. 
The Upper School is a vibrant and supportive place that builds on the foundation set in the Middle and Lower Schools at FCDS.
The Upper School academic program balances a traditional curriculum with creative instruction designed specifically for boys of this age. Throughout the day, our boys benefit from strong relationships with their teachers, Harkness-style classroom settings, and hands-on learning. In addition to experiments in physics lab, presenting original speeches, and competing in the international Math Olympiad Competition, Upper School boys participate in art, music, and technology. Our athletes are also musicians and our artists are robotic engineers.

The common denominator that permeates every aspect of FCDS is character development. The three pillars of our honor code—scholarship, integrity, and respect for others and ourselves—provide the framework for how we function as a community. In recent years, we have broadened that framework to include core competencies such as digital citizenship, collaboration, and stewardship. Our teachers understand that developing young men of character takes commitment, energy, and an understanding that mistakes can also serve as valuable learning opportunities. 

Our greatest testimonials come from our graduates who return year after year and credit FCDS with providing them the launch pad they needed to thrive in secondary school, prep school and beyond. They leave FCDS understanding that teachers are allies, self-advocacy is essential, opportunities should be seized, and that we learn more from our failures than our successes. That mindset makes all the difference. Come see what FCDS has to offer for boys in Grades 7-9. 

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  • Upper School Sample Schedule

    A typical week includes the following classes:
    • advisor meetings
    • history
    • science
    • world language of choice
    • algebra
    • English
    • music
    • study hall
    • electives
    • tech
    • bell or concert choir
    • art
    • executive functioning class

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