• Head of School Margot Pearce

Our Mission
To prepare impactful young leaders who are ready to
‘meet the moment’.
FCDS helps young boys become leaders of character and purpose; ready to face the everyday challenges and pivotal turning points of their lifetime with

Letter from Margot Pearce, Head of School

What makes FCDS different from other schools is our intentional approach to the art and science of an all-boys education.   The earliest, more formidable years--Kindergarten to Grade 9--can be overlooked in larger schools, seen as only a means to an end.  
That’s not so at Fairfield Country Day School.  
We recognize that a “lifer” at FCDS will spend more time behind our celebrated Blue Door than he will in high school and college combined.  The lessons an FCDS boy learns, the skills he acquires, the risks he learns to take, and relationships he makes provide the building blocks for a leader who is prepared to Meet the Moment.  Few schools—private or public—shine as strong of a light on the development of boys as FCDS.
I remember walking up the Upper School stairs in 2003, and meeting my first class of seventh-grade boys.  I was their new, part-time Study Skills teacher.  They eyed me with some trepidation-- their blazers rumpled and ties slightly askew.  We dumped out backpacks, sorted loose papers, and disposed of snack wrappers and broken pencils.  I was struck by how comfortable the boys were at school.  They were at home in their classroom, at ease on the fields and acted like family in the dining room.
From that day on, I was hooked on FCDS.  I witnessed boys benefiting from a single-sex education in ways I didn’t expect.  Quiet and shy boys shared personal stories on stage, athletes played the violin in School concerts, teachers and students learned side by side in the classroom, cheered each other on in advisor Wiffle ball, and met for extra help before and after school.  I appreciated the limited age group at FCDS-- no college admissions process to bog down a boy’s education.  I was reminded of the most powerful class I took in graduate school, titled The Middle School. The professor passionately promoted the years before high school as critical and often unrecognized in a student’s trajectory.  I could see that philosophy in action here.  It became clear to me that FCDS was both a boy’s foundation and his future. 
FCDS is where boys are free to find themselves.
Last year was certainly unlike any other.  I am proud that FCDS continued to live its mission, even in the midst of a pandemic.  We not only weathered the storm, but we became stronger for it.  We did that by redefining health in a way that will have a lasting, positive impact on our boys.  Good health means taking measures to mitigate the risk of viruses like COVID-19.  It also means attending to social-emotional health and fostering an environment where every boy feels included, valued, and respected.  Optimal learning happens when those three strands become one.  Moving away from silos to a more integrated approach to health will help our boys connect, flourish, and graduate toward a life of achievement, affinity and fulfillment.

I am excited about the future of our School.  We have over 80 years of experience behind us and many generations ahead of us.  Never has it been more important for boys to become good men who are ready, willing and able to meet every moment with confidence, courage and compassion, no matter how big or small. I look forward to helping guide and mentor each and every boy, intentionally.