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    to Fashion a Fine Moral Compass
At FCDS, an all-boys educational experience in a focused learning environment creates a uniquely personalized approach to shaping resilient young leaders who are guided within by civility, dignity and honor.

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Excellence at the pace of boyhood, since 1936

The secret sauce is not all that secret, yet often overlooked. Boys simply develop differently. They have a vibrant tempo and benefit endlessly from a curated learning path that nurtures cognitive, social and emotional growth; balancing academic rigor with creative possibilities, public speaking with athletic exploration, social connections with day dreaming, and far beyond.
From celebrated entrepreneurs to global economists, fine artists to famous athletes, renowned politicians to pediatric specialists, FCDS boys are unwavering in their pursuit of using their well-honed talents to make a meaningful impact—for themselves, their families, their communities, and their planet.

Don’t take our word for it, watch the Virtual Tour and see for yourself!

Patrick Craig | FCDS Alum ‘13, Kenyon College

Everything I am today I can trace back to Fairfield Country Day.

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