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  • Public Speaking

    The public speaking program is a hallmark of an FCDS education. The program provides an opportunity for boys to develop many public speaking skills, including: an appreciation for poetry; memorization and interpretation; self-confidence with an audience; consideration of topics of interest; researching and organizing an argument.
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  • Blue Slips

    Blue slips are a long-standing tradition at FCDS. These handwritten slips recognize the students who have distinguished themselves in a positive and noteworthy manner. This public acknowledgement that a boy has “met the moment” is a highlight of the week for many, as boys and their advisors take great pride in receiving them. Slips may be awarded for good deeds, such as boys lending their teachers a helping hand or when an older boy takes initiative to help a younger student tie his shoes in the hallway.
  • Advisor Program

    One of the greatest benefits to a private school education is the relationship that can form between a teacher and a student. And although these relationships will often form on their own, the FCDS Advisor Program ensures that each boy in grades six through nine has a faculty member to whom he can turn for friendship and advice.
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  • Experiential Learning

    FCDS believes that field trips provide beneficial experiences for boys of all ages and enhance their overall learning experience. There are two types of trips that an FCDS boy might experience during his tenure at the school: curriculum-related trips and character-building trips.
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  • Leadership

    The FCDS Student Council consists of elected representatives from each homeroom in grades five through eight. Traditionally, this group has been led by two ninth graders who are appointed by their peers for a one-half year term.
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  • Wellness

    Health and wellness are vital to the educational experience at FCDS. The school continues to actively address its belief in the importance of enriching a boy’s mind and body. With highly qualified teachers, impressive facilities, and innovative programming, FCDS is committed to teaching the boys how to be safe and healthy in their daily lives.
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  • Stewardship

    Stewardship at FCDS means educating and empowering our Fairfield, CT community, reaching out to our fellow man, and protecting our environment. It stresses that the responsibility for being active members of the community involves making positive contributions. Every grade at FCDS sponsors or participates in a stewardship project each year.
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