Decision Time

Schools will notify applicants of their decisions at various times. As it is with the application process, day schools tend to notify earlier, and work on a different timetable than boarding schools. The trend has moved towards receiving schools notifying candidates electronically.
FCDS will be eager to learn of the outcomes of the notification process, and welcomes the opportunity to help families manage their options.

Schools will either accept, waitlist, or decline applicants. An accepted student often has the opportunity to re-visit the campus of the school to which he has been accepted. We encourage students to take the opportunity to revisit these campuses only if they are undecided. Once a family has made its decision about the acceptance, they should notify the receiving school promptly. This is especially true if the family plans to not enroll their son in the accepted school, as spaces are limited and receiving schools will wish to move to candidates on waitlists. Receiving schools will expect to receive enrollment agreements and deposits by their specified deadlines.

A student who has been waitlisted still has the potential for admissions to that school. We encourage our boys to notify the school that they still have interest in attending, should they be moved from the waitlist.