Applying to Schools

After visits, discussions, and meetings, boys need to contemplate submitting applications to those private schools that seem like potential good fits. Families should take special care to notify FCDS of a final list of schools that our boys will be formally applying to as soon as possible. This will allow the school to speak to receiving schools in advance of visits, and to prepare us for conversations initiated by receiving schools.
The application process can be somewhat daunting, so a solid plan is required. Most schools have their own unique aspects to their application and for the submission process. It makes sense to understand what needs to be done for each school and when each school expects applications to be submitted. Some things might need to be done online and some might need to be submitted through the mail. Deadlines for application to private schools are not all the same.

Oftentimes, boys need to prepare multiple essays of varying lengths. It is a good plan to start these well before they are due so that careful consideration can be made regarding their content and clarity. While it is ok to have someone help with the process, it is important that essays are written by the applicant.

There is often a parent essay that needs to be completed.

Boys may be asked to submit a graded paper by their current English teacher.

Boys will often be asked for recommendations from a school administrator, as well as their English and math teachers. Many schools ask for a recommendation from a third teacher and/or a family acquaintance. As part of encouraging our boys to take control of the application process, it is important for the boys to respectfully submit recommendations to each person they are required to. Understanding that other people will be helping “paint a picture” of an applicant is a powerful lesson for our boys to engage in.

If you are applying for financial aid, it is important that you take the necessary steps in notifying the school. Filling out the financial aid paperwork by the deadlines posted by each school is critical. Failure to do this on time might result in financial aid dollars being unavailable to the applicant.

FCDS will collect and review all application materials the school is responsible for, including transcripts and SSAT results, in a timely manner. A copy of each will be made, and originals will be sent to receiving schools on or before their postmark date.