Schooling Options

A key part of understanding the process of secondary school placement, is becoming familiar with the options that are available to our boys. We encourage our families to visit school websites, and take trips to schools. We also encourage our families to network with others in the Country Day community who have had experience with receiving schools.
In planning for secondary school, many questions need to be considered. A few of these might include…
  • What school culture/community best suits my son and our family?
  • Should we explore private and/or public?
  • What does a boarding school offer?
  • What are our day school options?
  • Will a smaller environment be better than a larger one?
  • Should we stay at FCDS for ninth grade?
  • Should we consider taking a look at co-ed schools, boy’s schools, or both?
  • Should my son consider repeating a year?
  • How many schools should we apply to?

A number of these questions can and should be answered by the family, but receiving assistance from the administration in understanding the answers to some of the questions that arise, is critical. Answers to all of a family’s questions can and will become clearer as the process unfolds. FCDS will be very interested in helping manage the process, and will use our first meetings to get a sense of what the family is looking for. Depending on a family’s desires, we will begin to advise families on schools that seem to be potential fits for our boys. Having sent our boys to most private schools in the northeast, and the local public schools, we have a relationship and working knowledge of the options. Please use our expertise!