Motto-We Are Judged by Our Deeds                      
Honor Code-Integrity, Scholarship, and Respect

Public Speaking

Clear, effective personal communication is considered an essential component of a Fairfield Country Day School education. Every FCDS student participates in the public speaking program. Younger boys recite poems. Middle and Upper School boys debate current issues in all school assemblies. Students in eighth and ninth grade write and deliver their own speeches to the school body. Every voice is heard. Every voice is strengthened.

Family Style Lunch

On a communal basis, what really makes a day interesting at FCDS is when we all come together. This is especially noteworthy at lunch where we dine family-style. The boys have assigned seats, with a mix of boys from each grade, and a teacher at every table.

There are many factors that make our lunch unique. Before lunch begins, a non-denominational grace is said by all. During the first seating, a manner-of-the-week is suggested by a young student and fourth grade students serve as waiters. The second lunch seating incorporates boys in grades 5 – 9. During the course of the school year, each boy has the opportunity to serve as a waiter and to be seated with every teacher. The benefits we all derive from this experience are numerous, but most importantly it gives teachers and students a forum to come together and get to know each other a little better outside of the classroom.

Family-style lunch reinforces the concept of community while fostering respect for individuals. We value this time within our busy days.

Link Days

Fostering the sense of community at FCDS, Link Days, which pairs students from different grades together, occur at least twice a year.  Seventh graders may spend the morning reading with first graders, fifth graders may work on art projects with kindergarteners for example.  Regardless of the specific projects, all of the boys have the opportunity to bond with a student from a different division. These connections remain throughout the school year and often over the course of many years.

Advisor Program

The mission of Fairfield Country Day’s Advisor Program is to provide each student in grades six through nine with a resource of faculty support for both academic and personal reasons. Advisor groups consist of six to eight students and one faculty member. The groups meet on a daily basis for group discussion and individual students meet with their advisor on a regular basis.  In addition to being an important resource for the boys, there is also an element of fun that brings the entire advisor program together – the spring Wiffle Ball Tournament. The Wiffle Ball Tournament has become an annual tradition that faculty and students enthusiastically participate in on Friday afternoons throughout the spring.


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