“Sports can build confidence, connect boys to each other through action, and help them express emotions that they too often are not allowed to express in regular, daily life.” Boys’ Institute for Growth
Our Philosophy
At Fairfield Country Day, we believe that our athletic programs are vital to the educational, physical, and social development of our students. Boys from pre-kindergarten to ninth grade learn a great deal from their participation in athletics. Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition, and how to win and lose gracefully are an integral part of our program.

Everyone Plays
The strong commitment we have to making our athletic programs valuable and worthwhile is proudly emphasized by our tradition of mandatory participation. Athletics are considered an important factor in making the educational experience at FCDS well-rounded and complete. Since the coaches are teachers from the classroom, the extended relationships with the students serve to create a culture of comradeship and total support.

A Foundation for the Future
Our goal is to provide a positive experience for the boys on the fields of competition, emphasizing team building and enjoyment of the game. Each boy from the novice to the advanced player has a place in our program. We aim to graduate students who have developed a healthy appreciation of sports, as a foundation for their entire lives.

Team Sports
Boys in fourth and fifth grades play on our intramural Blue and White teams which include football, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, baseball and lacrosse.

Sixth grade boys participate in interscholastic sports against other schools in the area including 6th grade soccer, football, cross country, ice hockey, basketball, crossfit, carabiner climbing, lacrosse and baseball.

In grades seven through nine the boys can try out for and join JV and Varsity teams which compete in the Fairchester Athletic Association. These sports include: soccer, football, cross country, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, lacrosse and squash.
Grades 7-9 can also participate in Crossfit and carabiner climbing in the winter.
Visit our Team Pages to learn more about our programs.

Sports News

List of 2 news stories.

  • 6th Grade Hoops Wins

    The 6th grade boys defeated GFA 33-18. The team played good, solid defense and moved the basketball well on offense. Dameer Phifer had an excellent all around game and Liam Yin finished his scoring opportunities around the basket. Jack Lauricella contributed with a nice bucket and Owen Jacobson continues to make great effort plays on defense.
  • FCDS Wins Again

    The FCDS 6th grade hoops team took part in a little "iron-man" basketball as all 6 participating players contributed significantly to the teams' 44-12 victory over Unquowa. The "6" - Santiago Alfageme, Grayson Falk, Nile Gage, Dameer Phifer, Tobey Shein, Liam Yin - never asked for a breather and played hard, smart basketball until the final whistle. Well done!


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