Summer between 7th and 8th grade, and 8th and 9th grade-
  • Parents will receive an e-mail from FCDS inviting them to meet at school to discuss secondary school options.
  • Families are encouraged to start conversations about what might make sense for their sons.
  • Families are encouraged to visit school websites and campuses to discover the different communities and cultures that secondary schools provide.
Fall of 8th and 9th grade years-
  • Families should attend Open Houses for schools of interest as well as schedule tours and interviews.
  • FCDS will hold a nighttime informational meeting pertaining to secondary schools.
  • Families should register for the SSAT at www.ssat.org
  • Families should consider registering for an SSAT prep course.  
  • Parents and boys should schedule a second appointment with FCDS to review and revise a list of potential secondary schools.
  • Boys should begin the application process by obtaining the correct materials from each school, making sure to note specific requirements and deadlines. 
  • Families are must provide FCDS an an accurate list of schools that will be receiving a formal application.
  • Students should speak directly to teachers regarding the completion of recommendations.  FCDS will provide all forms to teachers.
  • Families should plan to complete visits and interviews by late November, early December.
Early-Mid winter-
  • Boys take the SSAT at FCDS.  Historically, this has been offered in early December.
  • Boys should work towards completing their part of each application.
  • Parents requesting financial aid should complete the online forms as directed by receiving schools.
  • FCDS will submit transcripts and recommendations to receiving schools before the deadline.
  • Families should submit applications by receiving school deadlines.
  • Receiving schools consider applications
  • Headmaster and Head of Upper School advocate for our boys through frequent contact with receiving schools
  • Receiving Schools will notify of decisions.
  • Boys will have an opportunity to revisit schools in which they have been accepted to.
  • Families make decisions, with further support from Country Day as needed.


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