Public Speaking

"Blake worked really hard on his poem and we are very proud of him.  His dedication and perseverance is an important life lesson—it takes time and effort to be successful.  He’s a bit reserved and the public speaking piece at FCDS has given him the confidence to speak in front of a crowd with authority.  Another lifelong lesson and a skill that he will have for life!"  Suzanne Burchill, Parent 
Public Speaking is an important part of the curriculum at Fairfield Country Day. The program provides an opportunity for boys to develop many public speaking skills, including: an appreciation for poetry and public speaking; memorization and interpretation; self-confidence with an audience; consideration of topics of interest to a particular audience; researching and organizing an argument. Whether delivering a game report or announcing community service projects, FCDS boys have ample opportunity to speak in front of an audience.

Poetry and Speech Program

Every spring, boys in grades Pre-K through 9 participate in the poetry and speech program. Boys in Pre-Kindergarten through third grade work with their teacher to choose, memorize, and recite a poem at full school assemblies. Beginning with the fourth grade, this becomes a competition for an award presented at year-end to the best presenter in each grade. The finalists from each grade perform at full school assemblies, and are judged by the entire faculty. Poetry ends with the seventh grade, and boys in eighth and ninth grades write, edit, and perform their own speeches, under the guidance of their English teacher. Finalists from each grade perform at assembly, and the best performers from each grade are awarded a special prize at the end of the year.


In grades six through nine all boys participate in the debate program as part of their English course curriculum. The boys select a topic identified by the faculty and then working in teams of four they develop and present their position on that particular topic at an all school assembly. 


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